Greenways & Trails

Bledsoe Creek State Park

400 Zieglers Fort Road
Gallatin, TN 37066

Bledsoe Creek State Park is a 164-acre site located on the Bledsoe Creek embankment of the Old Hickory Reservoir near the old 1780s settlement of Cairo. There are approximately 6 miles of hiking trails, 1 mile of which is paved and accessible to persons with a disability. Trails are open year round. May Wix Trail – 1m Birdsong Nature Trail – 1m High Ridge Trail – 3m

Gallatin Walking Trails

Walking Trails around Triple Creek Park & Municipal Park and Broadway (click to download map)

Hendersonville Greenways & Bike/Ped Trails

Sanders Ferry Road
Hendersonville, TN 37077

Bicycle and pedestrian trails improve the quality of life for residents in our community. Some of the benefits for Hendersonville residents include:

  • Having a bike/pedestrian trail in close proximity of where they work or live
  • A place where residents can meet and discuss the events of the day
  • An opportunity to exercise for people of all ages and abilities
  • A place for families to safely walk and bike
  • A chance to bike to work or run errands without the worries of traffic
  • A unique way to take in the scenic beauty of Hendersonville

These types of alternative transportation have in development for some time. In fact, the Federal Government recognized this growing trend back in 1991. Section 217 of Title 23 of the U.S. Code calls for the integration of bicycling and walking into the transportation mainstream. More importantly, it enhances the ability of communities to invest in projects that can improve the safety and practicality of bicycling and walking for everyday travel. In 1991, Congress passed landmark transportation legislation, the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA), that recognized the increasingly important role of bicycling and walking in creating a balanced, intermodal transportation system. The National Bicycling and Walking Study, published by the U.S. Department of Transportation in 1994, translated this renewed interest in non-motorized travel into two specific goals: to double the percentage of trips made by foot and bicycle while simultaneously reducing the number of crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians by 10 percent. High citizen input and high demand should ensure that Hendersonville will continue working on the development and construction of trails that will ultimately connect all parts of our city and provide safe and healthy opportunities for our residents and guests.

Old Hickory Dam Greenway

Cinder Road
Hendersonville TN, 37138

Old Hickory Dam Greenway is one of many forming Nashville’s system of greenways throughout the city. Nashville’s greenways link neighborhoods, schools, shopping areas, the downtown area, offices, recreation areas, open spaces and other points of interest. The Old Hickory Dam Greenway is a short, multi-use trail in the Tailwater Access Area, north of Nashville where the Cumberland River and Old Hickory Lake meet. The trail is mostly wooded, with access to the river from the northern-most parking area. Parking and Trail Access You can access the greenway at Tailwater Access Area on Cinder Road or from adjacent Old Hickory Lake Park, 898-800 Burnett Road.

Richland Park

321 Portland Blvd
Portland, TN 37148

Moss-Wright Park is the largest park in Goodlettsville at 147 acres.  It was dedicated into the park system on September 3, 1979 and named for H.S. Moss and Charles Wright.

Station Camp Greenway

Lower Station Camp Creek Road
Gallatin, TN, 37066

As part of the Bicycle & Pedestrian plan, 26 miles of multi-use paths are proposed including the 4.5 mile segment of the Lower Station Camp Greenway. Using EECBG funds, Sumner County will complete the Station Camp Greenway, thus significantly increasing bicycle/pedestrian connectivity in Sumner County. The Cities of Hendersonville and Gallatin have corporate limits nearby and the Station Camp Greenway will connect the two cities’ greenways systems. This is a rapidly growing area of the county with 2,469 single family residences recently constructed or planned for future development. Three public schools are nearby that will utilize the bicycle and pedestrian connection to connect into existing and future subdivisions. Additionally, commercial development and multi-family housing is proposed because of proximity to the Vietnam Veterans Boulevard (SR 386) interchange at Big Station Camp Boulevard.

Triple Creek Park

1350 East Broadway Street
Gallatin, TN 37066

The City of Gallatin has developed a master plan for greenways, walking tracks and bike trails throughout the City. The City currently has 5 miles of walking trails that connect the City’s Civic Center, wind through Triple Creek Park and to the City’s new Town Creek Greenway. Town Creek Greenway currently runs from the entrance to Triple Creek Park along Town Creek to Perolee Street in the City’s Historic Woodson Terrace Neighborhood. This section is approximately one mile. A second section of the greenway has been designed with construction to begin in the summer of 2012. The second section will carry Town Creek Greenway to Wilmore. Gallatin’s City Council has approved a third section of the Town Creek Greenway that will continue the project into Historic Downtown Gallatin with construction anticipated to begin sometime in 2013. Town Creek Greenway is funded primarily through grants that pay for 80% of the project with the City having to match 20%. Construction on the first section was paid 100% through a grant with no matching funds from the City.

To see a map of the Greenway, click here.

Westmoreland City Park

1001 Ball Park Road
Westmoreland TN, 37186

Located just south of Austin Peay Highway, near downtown Westmoreland.

White House Greenway

TN 76
White House, 37188

The White House Greenway is a great place to walk or ride a bike. The Greenway starts on the south side of TN 76 (across the street from the White House Municipal Park, and next to Sonic.) It then travels 3.5 miles and ends at U.S. 31W north of hite House. The Greenway travels through some of the most beautiful areas of Sumner and Robertson Counties. Parking is available on TN 76 (next to Sonic), on U.S. 31W south of White House (next to the White House Veterinary Clinic), at White House High School (on Tyree Springs Road), and on U.S. 31W north of White House at the Honey Run Creek Trailhead. A way station is located on the south side of the Greenway. There are no restrooms here, but it is still a nice place to stop and rest.