Cool Beans & Savory Spices

March is National Nutrition Month.

March is National Nutrition Month! Inspired by National Nutrition Month’s motto “Savor the Flavor,” WIC Nutritionists from Sumner County Health Department designed an interactive program about beans and spices for a 5th grade class at Benny Bills Elementary School. Beans are a great economical source of protein, fiber and iron! Students learned about Indian culture and were introduced to beans and spices from around the world by playing “Beango.” “Beango” is not your traditional Bingo! Students smelled spices such as fresh ginger, cinnamon and curry and learned about types of beans while placing lima bean markers on their “Beango” cards. Students sampled lentil soup, hummus with carrots, purple cauliflower and pita chips, naan bread, and corn and black bean salad to show dishes with beans and spices from around the world. TENNderCare Community Outreach Coordinators demonstrated how to properly brush teeth and answered questions about oral care and yearly physicals. Students took home nutrition handouts, a TENNderCare brochure and a Sumner County Health Department water bottle as well as recipes for each dish served. The students practiced their culinary skills by measuring the amount of red and green lentils needed for the lentil soup recipe, then were given the spices and other ingredients to make the soup at home. A survey conducted at the end of the program showed 100% of the students enjoyed the class!

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